Review by JoeJoeKeys: Chasing The Dream

Indie Music Plus review 2021

Indie Music Plus reviewed our latest full album after showcasing our song “Relive The Moment” in their podcast.

This piece was published already in April 2021 but you may have not read it yet. The reviewer was JoeJoeKeys, the founder and operator of Indie Music Plus media phenomenom.

“Other than having a cool name, the Atomic Berries also have a cool sound. I think they have come a long way since the last project we reviewed. Juniper’s vocals are a really great add! The album opens up with “Robo Lover.” With the opening jam, it’s obvious that this is going to be an exceptional dance-pop album! Midas does a great job at making tight beats for Juniper’s vocals. From the tight bass lines to the production trinkets up top, this track is hot and an excellent start to the Atomic Berries album”,

JoeJoeKeys of Indie Music Plus starts his review.

Keys says he finds the distortion effect on Juniper’s vocals in many of the song quite disturbing. This is a opinion we have heard from time to time. That was a production decision. In our live shows the distortion is not utilized as much, if at all. That’s a reason for everyone capable to check us out live!

“No More Words to Say also tops my list. I think it’s tops for me mainly for the musical production. I can hear this track pounding in the clubs. There are some cool breakdowns that keep it interesting and Juniper’s vocals are on the clean side again”,

Keys continues.
Indie Music Plus review 2021

The end of the review is the climax. JoeJoeKeys states he really appreciates the release:

“Overall, Atomic Berries have a killer album here! Even tho I nitpick this is a review! If you’re a fan of electronica/club/dance music then I encourage you to check out the new project.”

It was great to hear this positive opinion and it really makes us to keep on rockin’ and make the best out of ourselves for all the fans over the Globe!

Thank you.

– Mike Midas