The Band

Atomic Berries delivers groovy, retro-futuristic soundscapes. The duo consists of vocalist Juniper and song-writer-producer Mike Midas.

After many surprising coincidences in an abandonded booze factory in Turku, Finland, the band was suddenly formed in 2018 with singer Marjo-Reetta.

Marjo-Reetta’s schedule kept growing exponentially, she had to leave her position, and in the midst of 2020 Midas found a new vocalist – Juniper – to join the journey.


Atomic Berries vocalist JuniperAtomic Berries producer Mike Midas


Straightforward, bass-drum grinding techno beats, evolving synthesizer sounds, and catchy lyrics create a trance like hypnotic atmosphere.

This combined to the vibrant and expressive vocals of Juniper carry you to another relaxing, uterus-like, dimension.

And… we’re also very happy if any of our songs happen to give you a positive vibe. That’s what counts the most for us!

– Juniper & Mike