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“Shit Hits The Van” Single
“Chasing The Dream” Album
“Robo Lover” Single
“Take Me Back” Single
“Far Away” EP

“Shit Hits The Van”

The hit single of 2021 from the World of caravan life. Featuring Saigon Kido’s rock icon Mike Island on electric guitars.

Shit Hits The Van cover art

Music Video

Check out the music video featuring all the artists in a clip mangled by the Mr. Miracle Man Mike Midas himself!

“Chasing The Dream”

The first full-length album and the first Atomic Berries album with vocalist Juniper singing all the tracks. The record has been referenced as a “Uplifting Retro-Future Dream”.

Atomic Berries Chasing The Dream album front cover


1. Robo Lover Listen Atomic Berries Song Robo Lover
2. One Wish Listen Atomic Berries Song One Wish
3. Chase Your Dream Listen Atomic Berries Song Chase Your Dream
4. Relive The Moment Listen Atomic Berries Song Relive The Moment
5. Improvisate Listen Atomic Berries Song Improvisate
6. No Pain No Fame Listen Atomic Berries Song No Pain No Fame
7. No More Words to Say Listen Atomic Berries Song No More Words to Say
8. Time to Sleep Listen Atomic Berries Song Tiem to Sleep


The Static Dive journal has written a nice review of this album. You can find it here.

“Robo Lover”

New Year single 2020-2021.

New Year’s Eve 2020/21

This single was released on the hazy New Year’s Eve in 2020–2021 as a Youtube lyrics video. Watch the clip by clicking here   (opens a player). The video has been tailored to the mood of classic 90s karaoke VHS tapes.

“Robo Lover” is be the opening track for the first Atomic Berries full length album “Chasing The Dream” that was released later in 2021.

“Take Me Back”

Assembly 2020 competition single.

Release In ASM20

This single was released in Assembly Online 2020 Festival in October 2020. Listen the track by clicking here to open the player.

Bending The Styles

“Take Me Back” is a nice crossover of styles, since it features a real rock icon – Saigon Kido’s Mike Island – in electric guitars. Mr. Island can also be spotted in the cover of this outstanding piece of techno-pop!

“Far Away”

The debut EP released on New Year’s Eve 2019-2020.


Atomic Berries demonstrate that there are few better ways to make the pulse of adventurous Electronic music more mystical.


1. Far Away Listen Atomic Berries Song Far Away
2. Alive Watch Atomic Berries Video Of Alive
3. Welcome to Maze Check out A/B video of Welcome to Maze
4. Passion for Life Get vibed up with Atoms video Passion For Life
5. Humanoid Listen Atomic Berries song Humanoid
6. Bonus: Lähdetkö tänään? Taste the A/B song Lahdetko tanaan?