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New Album “Far Away”   Out Now!

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New Release!

“Far Away”

This is the rock-hard debut EP album of Atomic Berries.

Far Away album cover art
Atomic Berries demonstrate that there are few better ways to make the pulse of adventurous Electronic music more mystical.”


1.Far Away Listen Atomic Berries Song Far Away
2.Alive Watch Atomic Berries Video Of Alive
3.Welcome to Maze Check out A/B video of Welcome to Maze
4.Passion for Life Get vibed up with Atoms video Passion For Life
5.Humanoid Listen Atomic Berries song Humanoid
+6.Bonus: Lähdetkö tänään? Taste the A/B song Lahdetko tanaan?


The album is available at Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and plenty of other music distribution services. See multimedia section for links.

Check out a review of the EP at Xttrawave music site.

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The Band

Atomic Berries delivers simplistic and tasty electronic soundscapes. The duo consists of vocalist Marjo-Reetta and song-writer-producer Mike Midas.

After many surprising coincidences, as an indirect result of a hazy acoustic jamming session in the dark basements of some abandoned booze factory in Turku, Finland, the band was finally formed in 2018, after Midas was genuinely dazzled by Marjo-Reetta's vocal performance.

Straightforward, bass-drum grinding techno beats, evolving synthesizer sounds, and catchy lyrics create a trance like hypnotic atmosphere.

Atomic Berries vocalist Marjo-Reetta Atomic Berries producer Mike Midas

This combined to the vibrant and expressive vocals of Marjo-Reetta carry you to another relaxing, uterus-like, dimension.

And... we're also very happy if any of our songs happen to give you a positive vibe. That's what counts the most for us!

– Marjo-Reetta & Mike

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You can listen the latest album in Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, and many other music distribution services.

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Some pics are being gathered here. Stay tuned for more.

Atomic Techno and skulls Atomic Berries Walking in Basement Passion For Convertible Cars!
Atomic Berries Far Away CDs on the floor Red background Atomic Berries A/B logo Vibes from our MySpace page
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Watch Atomic Berries videos

Tune in and drop into Berries World!

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Track: Alive
Tag line: Too young to die...
Alive in Youtube
Track: Welcome to Maze
Tag line: The Wonderful Place!
Music video of Humanoid


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Live shows

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Atomic Berries can have a live show at your location - when the price is right. We operate in Finland and travel overseas only in special occasions.

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Audio equipment, lights, smoke effects, etc. all affect the total price, as well as the distance of transportation.

However, don't hesitate for too long. Advance with your plans today. Contact shows@voodooentertainment.net, tell what kind of happening you are up to, and you'll soon be responded to. Let's make it happen together!


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