Atomic Berries - Shit Hits The Van

New Single: Shit Hits The Van Out Now!

Actually the single has been out for some days now. We also have got the long-awaited music video now ready for that song so check out the rockin’ tune right here:

You can find the same song also from Spotify and as well from pretty much every music distributing service on the face of the Net.


Mike Midas with Dollar Sign

Greetings from Mike Midas

Greetings from Mike Midas in sunny Finland.

Hard-working mixmaster guru Mr. Bonefish is welding our Summer single, and grande visual talent Jussi Hevander on a music video for that same Summer song.

I – producer-in-chief – Mr. Midas am concentrating on having a cool beer and supervising everything runs smoothly. Ride on! 👊😎

Atomic Berries with Fight Club Finland

New Music Video From the World of Wrestling

Show Wrestling Theme Was a Perfect Fit

We have released the long awaited video for the song “No Pain No Fame”. The film is based on the World of show wrestling. Violence + showmanship = perfect setting for this piece of audiovisual entertainment.

Starring FCF Wrestler Jake Luupää

“We have been mapping out different themes for this video for a long time but everything seemed a bit insincere. Then I met wrestler Jake Luupää and watched a fight night of Fight Club Finland, it all started to light up in a flash”,

says Atomic producer Mike Midas and continues,

“This song was looking for a good show to go with and what could be better than brutal fighting and showmanship hooked up. The results can be perceived by watching the video.”

Experience The Aggression

Remember The Name

The main fighter of the video is a prominent although already quite experimented FCF fighter from Turku, Jake Luupää. That is a name to memorize, folks! 😎